Best Scottish oatcakes recipe

Do I like oatcakes? Until recently I was unconvinced. Oatcakes conjured up dull images of half eaten packets of stale oat crackers at the back of our snack cupboard. In my mind, they had always been much less appealing than other crispbreads. I guess I’m more of a rye girl! But… there has been a revelation. Try this … Read more

Mohnstrudel Recipe (Poppy Seed Strudel)

Poppy seeds feature frequently in Austrian baking. Sprinkled on top of bread rolls, mixed into multi-seed wholemeal loaves or swirled up in sweet dessert bakes, they add a wonderful contrast colour, very distinctive earthy flavour and are fun to bake with. Here, I’m showcasing the delightful Mohnstrudel (poppy seed strudel) as one of my favourite poppy seed bakes. In Austria, … Read more

Best chia seed bread recipes

Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, calcium and fibre, chia seeds are all the nutritious rage at the moment. I’ve been crunchifying chia seeds in my home-baked granola for a while – the best breakfast! – and recently also started working on a chia seed bread recipe. Using chia seeds in baking is a great way of … Read more

Saffron bread recipe

This week I’m celebrating sweet breads with #twelveloaves and I have chosen to bake this wonderful saffron bread. Saffron adds a mellow, slightly bitter taste to the bread which works well with the sweetness of the raisins. This saffron loaf is a beautiful breakfast bread, delicious with honey. Breads similar to this are traditionally served in Sweden … Read more

Feta and Olive Swirls Recipe

I’m excited to be baking these tasty feta and olive swirls as part of the #TwelveLoaves group of bread revolutionaries! These are great when you have people round your house for drinks and lazy Sunday afternoon chit chat. Day 1 Prepare sponge 75g white bread flour 75g wholemeal flour 1g dry yeast 150g water, lukewarm … Read more

Tapioca Bread – Brazilian Cheese Buns

A lovely bag of tapioca flour had been sitting in my store cupboard for way too long. So today, it was transformed into these wonderfully springy cheese buns known in Brazil as “Pão de Queijo” (cheese bread). Making Brazilian cheese and tapioca bread puffs is easy and you can make these buns in less than an hour. … Read more

Spinach & Feta Pastry Recipe (Spanakopita)

Having recently returned from a holiday in Cyprus, I wanted to recreate some of the tasty Greek-Cypriot-style pastries at home. This is my take on spanakopita (spinach triangles) – little pastries stuffed with spinach, feta cheese, pine nuts and fresh herbs. Ingredients Pastry 250g strong white flour 7g salt 7g dried yeast 20g olive oil … Read more

Best Irish Brown Soda Bread Recipe

One of my recent visits to Ireland brought me to The Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore and, oh my, they do good brown bread there. Luckily, I found the recipe in The Cliff House Hotel Cookbook: Granny McGrath’s Brown Irish Soda Bread. Some of the ingredients were rather hard to find in the UK (they are more … Read more

Austrian Easter Bread Wreath Recipe

Easter is a great time for baking – Spring is in the air, early gardening efforts are starting to bear fruit and there are lots of lovely seasonal baking ideas to play with. Hot cross buns are the traditional Easter treat in the UK. However, I’m not a huge fan of their fruit-heavy doughs and usually … Read more

Australian Damper Soda Bread Recipe (Rye Flour)

With Australia Day and the Australian Open final at the same weekend, I looked into traditional Australian bread recipes and decided to give the Aussie damper a go. Traditional simplicity Traditionally, Aussie damper bread was… A staple bread for Australians who were travelling in remote areas of the Australian outback for long periods of time in … Read more