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Welcome to The Bread She Bakes, a bread and food blog celebrating and exploring the art of home bread baking, wholesome food, as well as Austrian cuisine and culinary traditions.

I am Pam, the author of The Bread She Bakes. I love the therapeutic practice of baking, turning basic ingredients into something truly special and sharing the output with family and friends.

A lot of my early memories are based on my grandmothers’ and mum’s delicious Austrian home cooking, continental dark rye breads and the smell of freshly baked bread rolls in the local village bakery.

Moving to the UK, I’d been hugely underwhelmed by the bread available in British shops and bakeries and in September 2012, The Bread She Bakes was born. The UK’s barren bread landscape has inspired this space where I combine my love for #realbread and #slowfood and share my experiences, hoping it inspires others to bake and cook too. I love sourdough and rye flour breads but enjoy experimenting with lots of different flours, techniques and ingredients.

Designed for home bakers and bread lovers, The Bread She Bakes features a broad variety of tried and tested bread recipes as well as plenty of tips around sourdough baking. It showcases bakeries in places I travel to and includes baking equipment reviews and recommendations. The Bread She Bakes also documents my own baking journey as I tackle classic breads, create new recipes and delve into family archives and memories.

I hope you’ll find something of interest here and would love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by!

Edinburgh, Scotland, 2018

The Bread She Bakes
The Bread She Bakes


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