Best Easter Bread Recipes

Easter breads figure prominently in many cultures’ celebrations and are often the centrepiece of a festive Easter breakfast or dinner table. In my kitchen, Easter is the time where fresh, seasonal and local Scottish produce can take centre stage again. The herbs in my allotment tend to have sprung back to life and the rhubarb is back to its vigorous growth. Easter is … Read more

Osterpinze Recipe – Austrian Easter Bread

Osterpinze is a delicious Easter bread, made with an enriched yeast dough (milk, eggs, egg yolks and butter) and flavoured with anise wine and lemon zest. It’s traditionally baked for Easter in the South of Austria (Styria), although its origins can be traced back to the region of Friuli in Northeast Italy. The traditional way the … Read more

Austrian Easter Bread Wreath Recipe

Easter is a great time for baking – Spring is in the air, early gardening efforts are starting to bear fruit and there are lots of lovely seasonal baking ideas to play with. Hot cross buns are the traditional Easter treat in the UK. However, I’m not a huge fan of their fruit-heavy doughs and usually … Read more