Spinach & Feta Pastry Recipe (Spanakopita)

Having recently returned from a holiday in Cyprus, I wanted to recreate some of the tasty Greek-Cypriot-style pastries at home. This is my take on spanakopita (spinach triangles) – little pastries stuffed with spinach, feta cheese, pine nuts and fresh herbs. Ingredients Pastry 250g strong white flour 7g salt 7g dried yeast 20g olive oil … Read more

The Cyprus bread & pastry experience

Last week, I stayed in a small village in the South of Cyprus called Psematismenos. On my travels, I visited some local village bakeries around the Lemasos area to check out the baked goods on offer. Here are some impressions of Cypriot baking!

And if you fancy baking an authentic pastry yourself, I’ve got a delicious recipe for Spanakopita pastry here.

Cyprus village salad sesame bread and white wine
A typical village salad with sesame seed bread
Cyprus almond cinnamon crescent
Almond cinnamon crescent
Cyprus almond cinnamon crescent with Cypriot coffee
… with Cypriot coffee
Cyprus mini sausage rolls mini olive pies
Lots of mini pastries, mini sausage rolls and mini olive pies
Cyprus jam pistachio chocolate coconut biscuits
Jam pistachio and chocolate coconut biscuits
Cyprus baklava
And of course baklava
Cyprus olive mint pastry
My favourite: olive and mint pastry
Cyprus chicken and mushroom pastry
Chicken and mushroom pastry
Village bakery breads
Village bakery breads
Cyprus olive and coriander bread
Olive and coriander loaves
Village bakery Zygi Kalavasos
Ourl local village bakery at the Zygi Kalavasos crossing, near Lemasos