Homemade Christmas bread gifts


If you are looking for thoughtful DIY Christmas gift ideas, baking homemade Christmas bread gifts could be a winning option.

Giving bread as a gift has a long tradition, specifically for housewarmings, and giving bread as a Christmas present is an equally good idea.

Christmas bread gifts are perfect for festive dinner parties and can be the ultimate a little something for neighbours and foodie friends. Merry baking!

How to guide: Christmas bread gifts

If you are considering to prepare a loaf of bread as a Christmas gift, think about these three elements:

  1. Give a decorative, celebratory and tasty loaf of bread
  2. Wrap it nicely as a gift
  3. Add something of longevity, for example a pretty loaf tin, as the bread gift itself will of course be devoured quickly 🙂

The festive loaf

A lot of Christmas breads are decorative and tasty by default, so there are plenty of recipes to choose from. For example this German Stollen recipe and this easy Christmas wreath recipe.

For this year’s Christmas gift breads I’m opting for a simple brioche recipe. Its inherent richness, the beautiful bake and glossy dome make for a luxurious Christmas bread loaf gift option.

The gift wrapping

If you wrap your homemade bread gifts, you’ll ensure your breads are recognised as the gifts they are. Wrapping bread as a gift can be as basic or elaborate as you like, but I tend to opt for something practical.

Wrap in a colourful cotton kitchen towel which allows the bread to breathe and adds vibrancy to the presentation. As a serial bread gifter, I have also invested in a personalised stamp and label set. Use baker’s twine to hold it all together.

The baking dish

To provide a gift beyond the homemade bread, I like to add something practical into my homemade bread gifts. Place the bread into the decorative baking tin it was baked in. Baking tins and dishes fit well into any kitchen and there are plenty of options to choose from, for any budget.

In the case of the brioche gift, it’s a nice idea to give the brioche dish away as part of the gift, for future bakes. It acts as the perfect bread loaf gift box.

Best poppy seed bread recipes


Poppy seeds are a pleasure to bake with. They provide intense flavour and deliver great contrast when placed on the crust. Central European, Eastern European and Jewish baking uses poppy seeds extensively in both savoury and sweet breads. I always have some whole poppy seeds and ground seeds in the store cupboard – they are great for preparing a batch of decorative poppy seed dinner rolls or a fragrant poppy seed dessert. Here is my collection of the best poppy seed bread recipes out there. Knock yourself out!

Challah with Poppy Seeds
Challah with Poppy Seeds

Best poppy seed bread recipes

  1. Sweet poppy seed roll – A beautiful poppy seed roll (Strudel in German), popular in Poland, Hungary, Austria and other Central and Eastern European countries. The roll is a sweet yeasted bread with a dense, rich, often rum-infused filling of ground poppy seeds and sugar.
  2. Poppy seed buns – Enriched yeast buns with a poppy seed topping. Attractive and scrumptiously soft dinner rolls which are delicious with both sweet and savoury dishes.
  3. Poppy seed crispbread – The perfect crispbreads for dips or cheese boards.
  4. Sourdough with poppy seeds – Simply add poppy seeds into your favourite seeded sourdough bread recipe.
  5. Mohnflesserl – Austrian-style plaited buns. One of my childhood favourites. See here for how the folding is done.
  6. Poppy seed noodles – Not a ‘bread’ – I know – but these doughy noodles, swirled in a butter and poppy seed mixture needed to be mentioned here.
  7. Bagels with poppy seeds – A classic. Adding poppy seeds on top of your bagels is a delicious and appealing way to decorate your baked goods.
  8. Challah – Another traditional way of using whole poppy seeds to complete the look of a braided bread.
  9. Germknödel – Steamed yeasted buns with a plum jam filling, topped with a fragrant poppy seed and sugar mixture and served with vanilla sauce.
  10. Poppy seed crackers – In the words of the recipe author: “Big, thick and crispy, salty and satisfying crackers.”