Amaranth bread recipe

I’ve finally got hold of amaranth! After putting down my thoughts on healthy bread last week, I wanted to dedicate this week’s post to another health-related topic and highlight the benefits of the nutritious amaranth plant, its seeds and flour. The amaranth plant, once a staple of the Aztec and Inca diet, produces seeds packed … Read more

Healthy whole grain bread recipe

New Year’s resolutions abound and healthier living and eating aspirations are plentiful with the beginning of the New Year. I’m hoping that for many, a healthier bread diet constitutes part of their New Year’s resolutions. For you special people, I have put together a healthy bread recipe to get you on the right track. If you are … Read more

Walnut sourdough bread

For this year’s annual Christmas lunch get-together, I contributed the starter. With a main course of venison stew, I opted for a puy lentil, parsnip and walnut salad with walnut sourdough bread. It proved to be a winning combination, so I wanted to share both the walnut sourdough bread recipe and a link to the salad … Read more

Grünkern (green spelt) bread recipe

Browsing the local delights of the organic grocery store in my home town in Austria, I picked up a bag of Grünkern. The greenish grains looked pretty and unique on the shelf! Grünkern grains are unripe spelt kernels cultivated predominantly in Southern Germany. Although mainly used for soups and vegetarian burgers, I wanted to incorporate some of this unique … Read more

Basic white sourdough bread recipe

It recently struck me that during all my years of sourdough baking, not once had I baked a pure white sourdough bread. I got stuck right into 100% rye sourdough baking, wholemeal spelt sourdough and wheat-rye combination breads. Yet, I hadn’t ever bothered with a basic white sourdough loaf. White sourdough bread is perhaps the most simplistic form of sourdough bread baking. This post is … Read more

How to make a wheat sourdough starter

Make your own whole wheat sourdough starter. All you need is flour and water. There are really no excuses not to! Generally speaking, you don’t have to make a wheat starter if you already have a rye starter to hand. You can simply use the rye starter as a basis for a wheat refreshment if you … Read more

Easy sourdough bread recipe

I’ve recently realised that most of my sourdough recipes are not entirely suitable for those starting out in sourdough baking. Many of my recipes involve more than ten ingredients and certain enhancing dough elements (such as seed soakers) which may discourage budding sourdough bakers. This is why I’m posting an easy sourdough bread recipe based on only three ingredients … Read more

Best Sourdough Recipes (Top 10)

In celebration of #RealBreadWeek 2016, I would like to share my top 10 sourdough recipes. Best sourdough recipes for Real Bread Week Real Bread Week is an annual event by the Real Bread Campaign celebrating real bread and its makers. While real bread can be leavened with commercial yeast or sourdough starter, I’d like to dedicate … Read more

Rhubarb bread recipe

It’s rhubarb time and this year I’m lucky to have my own rhubarb plant in a newly acquired allotment. Over the last few weeks I’ve been blessed with plenty of rhubarb – I harvest every weekend and it keeps on coming 🙂 Therefore, all desserts and sweet bakes of late have revolved around these juicy rhubarb stalks. Stewed rhubarb … Read more

Black treacle bread recipe

On my latest visit to Dublin, I tasted a delicious loaf of Irish treacle bread. Dark, heavy and deliciously earthy. However, it was of course a soda bread and when I returned home, I decided to make a sourdough version of the Irish black treacle bread. The black treacle bread recipe I developed uses cracked rye and rye flour to support … Read more