Grünkern (green spelt) bread recipe

Browsing the local delights of the organic grocery store in my home town in Austria, I picked up a bag of Grünkern. The greenish grains looked pretty and unique on the shelf! Grünkern grains are unripe spelt kernels cultivated predominantly in Southern Germany. Although mainly used for soups and vegetarian burgers, I wanted to incorporate some of this unique … Read more

100% Wholemeal Spelt Sourdough Bread Recipe

This is a recipe for a wholemeal spelt sourdough bread using only wholemeal spelt flour and spelt grains. This bread shows that, contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to achieve a very well balanced loaf of wholemeal spelt sourdough bread with a wonderfully aerated crumb held together by a crisp chewy crust. A big thanks to … Read more

Potato Bread Recipe with Sourdough (Kartoffelbrot)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We are celebrating here. With potato bread and champagne, great combination, try it! Potato bread makes use of potatoes to replace some of the wheat flour. The addition of potatoes keeps the bread moist and prevents it from crumbling. Usually, potato bread recipes use either raw or cooked potatoes. In this recipe, … Read more

Brown seeded wholemeal bread recipe

Looking for a bread recipe full of wholesome goodness? This loaf of brown seeded wholemeal bread is bursting with healthy seeds and kernels. Great for using up the various bits and pieces you might have waiting in your store cupboard! Seeded wholemeal bread recipe Makes one loaf of brown seeded bread. Day 1 – Prepare sourdough & flaxseed … Read more