Saffron bread recipe

This week I’m celebrating sweet breads with #twelveloaves and I have chosen to bake this wonderful saffron bread. Saffron adds a mellow, slightly bitter taste to the bread which works well with the sweetness of the raisins. This saffron loaf is a beautiful breakfast bread, delicious with honey. Breads similar to this are traditionally served in Sweden … Read more

Tapioca Bread – Brazilian Cheese Buns

A lovely bag of tapioca flour had been sitting in my store cupboard for way too long. So today, it was transformed into these wonderfully springy cheese buns known in Brazil as “Pão de Queijo” (cheese bread). Making Brazilian cheese and tapioca bread puffs is easy and you can make these buns in less than an hour. … Read more

Best Irish Brown Soda Bread Recipe

One of my recent visits to Ireland brought me to The Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore and, oh my, they do good brown bread there. Luckily, I found the recipe in The Cliff House Hotel Cookbook: Granny McGrath’s Brown Irish Soda Bread. Some of the ingredients were rather hard to find in the UK (they are more … Read more

Austrian Easter Bread Wreath Recipe

Easter is a great time for baking – Spring is in the air, early gardening efforts are starting to bear fruit and there are lots of lovely seasonal baking ideas to play with. Hot cross buns are the traditional Easter treat in the UK. However, I’m not a huge fan of their fruit-heavy doughs and usually … Read more

Australian Damper Soda Bread Recipe (Rye Flour)

With Australia Day and the Australian Open final at the same weekend, I looked into traditional Australian bread recipes and decided to give the Aussie damper a go. Traditional simplicity Traditionally, Aussie damper bread was… A staple bread for Australians who were travelling in remote areas of the Australian outback for long periods of time in … Read more

Light Rye Bread Recipe for NY-Style Salt Beef Sandwiches

Just a quick post to share the recipe for light rye bread (also referred to as Jewish-style rye bread) I baked at the weekend. This light but fragrant rye bread was perfect for the delicious salt beef sandwiches we served at my friend Mariel’s baby shower. Light rye bread is made with white high-gluten wheat … Read more

Grilled BBQ Flatbreads with Herb Oil (Fladenbrot vom Grill)

It’s super quick to make these amazing flatbreads – if the sun comes out you can be ready to put them on the grill in just over an hour! Holidaying in my parents’ house in Austria, we had a family BBQ this afternoon. There is a wonderful ‘Kräuterschnecke’ (which translates as ‘herb snail’) in our … Read more

Gluten-free buckwheat & linseed bread recipe

  I personally get on well with gluten, a natural protein found in wheat and other grains. I am, however, painfully aware that not everyone is as lucky. Gluten-free bread recipes don’t have a particularly good reputation; but I found a great recipe that uses a variety of gluten-free flours and tastes delicious! The role … Read more

Picnic Loaf Recipe with Yoghurt and Oats

It’s picnic time! Well, almost… It’s mid-April and in Edinburgh we have maximum temperatures of 8°C and wind gusts of up to 47 mph. So, not quite picnic weather yet, but I’m sure when the Scottish summer comes, it’s going to be amazing! The unpredictable Scottish weather is exactly why a picnic loaf needs to be … Read more