Grilled BBQ Flatbreads with Herb Oil (Fladenbrot vom Grill)

It’s super quick to make these amazing flatbreads – if the sun comes out you can be ready to put them on the grill in just over an hour!

Holidaying in my parents’ house in Austria, we had a family BBQ this afternoon. There is a wonderful ‘Kräuterschnecke’ (which translates as ‘herb snail’) in our garden with lots of different herbs. I baked Jamie Oliver’s lovely barbecue flatbreads and used my own herbal olive oil concoction to brush it.

Kräuterschnecke ('herb snail') in our garden
Kräuterschnecke (‘herb snail’) in our garden

The grilled flatbreads are soft, chewy and a little smoky; they taste wonderful with grilled meats and vegetables, dips and salads.

BBQ'd flatbreads with fresh herb oil

How to make the grilled BBQ breads –

Fresh rosemary, thyme, oregano and parsley
Fresh rosemary, thyme, oregano and parsley

You can also fry the breads in a skillet or griddle pan if the weather is bad…