Gluten-free buckwheat & linseed bread recipe

  I personally get on well with gluten, a natural protein found in wheat and other grains. I am, however, painfully aware that not everyone is as lucky. Gluten-free bread recipes don’t have a particularly good reputation; but I found a great recipe that uses a variety of gluten-free flours and tastes delicious! The role … Read more

Picnic Loaf Recipe with Yoghurt and Oats

It’s picnic time! Well, almost… It’s mid-April and in Edinburgh we have maximum temperatures of 8°C and wind gusts of up to 47 mph. So, not quite picnic weather yet, but I’m sure when the Scottish summer comes, it’s going to be amazing! The unpredictable Scottish weather is exactly why a picnic loaf needs to be … Read more

Potato Bread Recipe with Sourdough (Kartoffelbrot)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We are celebrating here. With potato bread and champagne, great combination, try it! Potato bread makes use of potatoes to replace some of the wheat flour. The addition of potatoes keeps the bread moist and prevents it from crumbling. Usually, potato bread recipes use either raw or cooked potatoes. In this recipe, … Read more

Recipe for Flatbread with Nuts

This is a recipe my aunt from Höhnhart, Upper Austria shared with me (thank you Berta :-)). Berta and I are connected by our passion for bread and while she has been a master for years, I’m just at the beginning of my bread journey! This bread is super-delicious with just butter and cheese.  Add carrots, … Read more

Khobz Recipe – Authentic Moroccan Bread

Watching the first episode of Ottolenghi’s Mediterranean Feast set in Morocco, I was (of course) inspired by the industriousness in the Moroccan bread bakery. It brought back memories of my first authentic Moroccan meal, sitting on a balcony overlooking the bustling Jemaa el-Fnaa in Marrakesh. If you love Middle Eastern & Mediterranean food as much as I do, … Read more

Recipe for sourdough bread with rolled (jumbo) oats

I usually use jumbo oats when making granola but they also make a loaf of bread nice and wholesome. Rolled oats are oat groats (hulled whole grains) that have been rolled into flakes, steamed and lightly toasted. Note that the oats, although quite sizeable, will ‘disappear’ and completely blend into the finished loaf. The day … Read more