Eezi-Slice Bread Slicer Board Review

Just before Christmas, I received a beautifully presented package from Eezi-Slice, a company centered around its founder’s invention; the Eezi-Slice bread slicer. I agreed to review the bread board so here are my thoughts after having used the board for a month. How does the Eezi-Slice bread board work? The Eezi-Slice bread board is unique in … Read more

Homemade Christmas bread gifts

If you are looking for thoughtful DIY Christmas gift ideas, baking homemade Christmas bread gifts could be a winning option. Giving bread as a gift has a long tradition, specifically for housewarmings, and giving bread as a Christmas present is an equally good idea. Christmas bread gifts are perfect for festive dinner parties and can be the ultimate a little … Read more

Savisto stand mixer review

Here it is! Still boxed up and waiting to be unwrapped – my first ever stand mixer, acquired to make my ever increasing bread and baking output easier to manage. As a determined manual dough kneader, I’m excited yet apprehensive about using a stand mixer to ease dough handling. Savisto was kind enough to donate … Read more

Quick guide to freezing bread

I tend to bake more than we can consume and freezing bread is a handy way to have homemade bread available at all times. This is particularly nice after a long weekend away or holiday when baking from scratch is not possible. Here are some frequently asked questions around freezing bread which will help you store bread … Read more

Best bread cutting boards

Investing in a good-quality bread cutting board should be a no-brainer for home bread bakers. It’s one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in my kitchen, so a good quality board is essential. Having used this beautiful but entirely unpractical chopping board until recently, the breadcrumb mess it left behind finally got to me and I invested … Read more