Recipe for Flatbread with Nuts

This is a recipe my aunt from Höhnhart, Upper Austria shared with me (thank you Berta :-)). Berta and I are connected by our passion for bread and while she has been a master for years, I’m just at the beginning of my bread journey! This bread is super-delicious with just butter and cheese.  Add carrots, … Read more

Recipe for sourdough bread with rolled (jumbo) oats

I usually use jumbo oats when making granola but they also make a loaf of bread nice and wholesome. Rolled oats are oat groats (hulled whole grains) that have been rolled into flakes, steamed and lightly toasted. Note that the oats, although quite sizeable, will ‘disappear’ and completely blend into the finished loaf. The day … Read more

Rye Bread Rolls Recipe – Austrian Schusterlaberl

Schusterlaberl (also Schusterloaberl or Schusterlaibchen) which translates as ‘shoemaker loaves’ are fragrant Austrian rye bread rolls and have always been a favourite of mine. The smell of these freshly baked rye rolls is mesmerising and brings back childhood memories of stepping into the village bakery (now unfortunately closed) in Gilgenberg. Rye Bread Rolls Recipe (Schusterlaberl) Full of nostalgic feelings, I’ve … Read more

100% Rye Bread Recipe Selection: The Best Pure Rye Bread Recipes

Rye flour is my favourite flour for bread baking. It produces breads with a rich and hearty taste, complex nutty flavours and a moist, dense and chewy texture. 100% pure rye breads are higher in fibre and lower in fat than wheat loaves and therefore have added health benefits. From a practical viewpoint, I also love … Read more

My First Sourdough Journey

Very proud of my first sourdough bread which I baked with my own starter. I followed the instructions of this Sourdough Companion post and after eight days of regular feeding, my sourdough starter became ‘active’ (it doubled in size within 24 hours) and was therefore ready for baking. I used a recipe from the book Rustikale … Read more

Vinschgerl Recipe – South Tyrolean Flatbreads

Vinschgerl (also sometimes Vintschgerl) are rustic palm-sized flatbreads which originate in South Tyrol. Blue fenugreek (Brotklee, Schabziger Klee, trigonella caerulea) adds a very distinctive, slightly spicy flavour to these delicious breads and the flat shape ensures that there is a lot of surface for the strong crust to form. Vinschgerl Recipe Ingredients – Makes 12 Vinschgerl … Read more

Walnut bread recipe in four variations

Having been home in Austria for Christmas, I brought back a big pack of shelled walnuts from the trees in my parents’ garden. A good time to experiment with walnut bread! Try my walnut bread recipe below – a sourdough walnut loaf using white wheat and wholegrain rye flour. My walnut bread is a slightly … Read more

Brown seeded wholemeal bread recipe

Looking for a bread recipe full of wholesome goodness? This loaf of brown seeded wholemeal bread is bursting with healthy seeds and kernels. Great for using up the various bits and pieces you might have waiting in your store cupboard! Seeded wholemeal bread recipe Makes one loaf of brown seeded bread. Day 1 – Prepare sourdough & flaxseed … Read more

Hausbrot – Traditional Austrian Bread Recipe

At home in Austria for the week, I was keen to bake some traditional Austrian Schwarzbrot (black bread) with my family. It was a good team effort! My grandmother provided the recipe for Hausbrot, my mum prepared the rye sourdough and got the various ingredients ready and I did the dough work. There are many different recipes for Austrian Hausbrot … Read more