My First Sourdough Journey

Very proud of my first sourdough bread which I baked with my own starter. I followed the instructions of this Sourdough Companion post and after eight days of regular feeding, my sourdough starter became ‘active’ (it doubled in size within 24 hours) and was therefore ready for baking.

Active sourdough starter
My active sourdough – the small black line indicates the original level after feeding

I used a recipe from the book Rustikale Brote aus deutschen Landen by Gerhard Kellner using fine rye flour, wholewheat flour, the sourdough and poolish I started the day before.

And my new proofing baskets also came into play.

Sourdough bread in the proofing basket
Sourdough bread just turned out onto a baking tray from the proofing basket

Very pleased with the result! My first sourdough bread has turned out super spongy and moist with a great crumb and even better crust.

Sourdough bread baked and quartered
Sourdough bread baked and quartered
Sourdough bread crumb and crust
Look at that lovely crust and crumb!