Authentic German Pumpernickel Bread Recipe

It’s hard to find a good recipe for traditional German Pumpernickel so I thought I would try and fill this gap! Here is step-by-step guide to baking the real thing as well as some interesting Pumpernickel facts. Give this Pumpernickel bread recipe a go – you won’t be disappointed! What is Real German Pumpernickel? 100% rye … Read more

Sprouted grain bread recipe

I’ve been sprouting beans and grains for a while now, mainly using the sprouts in salads. However, I’ve recently started adding rye sprouts into bread dough. By adding a little bit of wholemeal and rye flour as well as the sprouted rye kernels, an otherwise plain white loaf of sourdough bread turns into something pretty special. … Read more

Focaccia Recipe – Beautiful, Simple & Rustic

Focaccia is a flattish rustic Italian bread with an open, irregular crumb structure. I love focaccia when it’s moist and chewy without being too oily, when it’s kept simple, with an emphasis on fresh herbs and olive oil flavours. Focaccia dough is fairly wet and sticky, but the addition of olive oil means it’s still pliable, … Read more

Flaxseed bread recipe with whole wheat

Packed with great tasting flax seeds, this flaxseed bread recipe is one of my current favourites. I love baking with rye and use both wholemeal rye flour as well as whole wheat and white wheat flour in the recipe. The result – a robust loaf of wholesome brown bread filled with crunchy seeds. Delicious with butter … Read more

Light Rye Bread Recipe for NY-Style Salt Beef Sandwiches

Just a quick post to share the recipe for light rye bread (also referred to as Jewish-style rye bread) I baked at the weekend. This light but fragrant rye bread was perfect for the delicious salt beef sandwiches we served at my friend Mariel’s baby shower. Light rye bread is made with white high-gluten wheat … Read more

Sourdough Stollen Recipe

The traditional German Christmas bread called Stollen is a rich, sweet fruit bread made with butter, milk, spices and rum-soaked dried fruit and nuts. Here I present my very own version of Xmas Stollen – my sourdough Stollen recipe for all you adventurous bakers out there. To provide some background: I’ve always wanted to be a … Read more

Homemade Bagels NY-Style

Bagels are exciting; not only because of their unique taste but also because the baking process involves boiling the bagels before baking them. It’s this process that creates the wonderfully chewy interior crumb while leaving the outside browned, crisp and shiny. There are two different shaping methods – ‘Rope and loop’: Makes a rounder bagel … Read more

Sourdough Bread with Kamut Khorasan Flour

I started using Kamut khorasan flour in bread baking two months ago and have not stopped using it since. It tastes excellent in sourdough breads and I’ve baked some of the best loaves of bread I’ve ever tasted with this beautiful flour. Here is my Kamut bread recipe, also incorporating flax seeds. I recommend it! “Kamut” is a … Read more