Chickpea flour pancakes for weekend breakfast

A new year, a new pancake recipe! This time, using chickpea flour. I’ve baked with chickpea flour before and always thought chickpea flour pancakes were a particularly nice way of using chickpea flour in baking. These chickpea flour pancakes are super light and fluffy (without the use of baking powder) and make an excellent weekend … Read more

Fennel Seed Bread Recipe

The fennel seed is a a beautiful ingredient for bread baking – think subtle aniseed with warm, sweet aromas. This fennel seed bread recipe brings out the best of the seed’s aromatic flavours. A flavoursome breakfast bread for any day of the week! For my fennel bread recipe, I’ve chosen a combination of flours: strong … Read more

Homemade baked beans from scratch

Making homemade baked beans from scratch is absolutely worth the effort. Try my recipe for a stunningly colourful and flavoursome weekend brunch. I promise, you will never want to go back to the shop-bought variety of baked beans again! Vegetarian homemade baked beans from scratch A beautiful vegetarian recipe for homemade baked beans. Your efforts … Read more

Irish Potato Farls Bread Recipe

Weekends are my time for experimenting with food and this morning I was looking to Northern Ireland for inspiration. Visiting Belfast last year and stopping by at St. George’s Market, there was a huge variety of potato farls on offer and I’ve been a fan ever since. Irish potato farls are simple ‘breads’ made from potatoes, … Read more

Buckwheat English Muffins Bread Recipe

I love buckwheat flour pancakes for my weekend breakfast, so I decided to add some buckwheat flour into my English breakfast muffin recipe. It works a treat! The buckwheat flavours come through very subtly and the dominance of strong white wheat flour ensures the muffins get a good rise and come out with a soft, even … Read more

Dried apricot bread recipe with walnuts

My standard mid-week breakfast consists of porridge (in the winter), granola (in the summer) and a slice of bread with butter and honey or jam. Saffron bread and a plain old-fashioned milk loaf work well as breakfast breads and so do fruit and nut breads. This dried apricot bread with walnuts – baked in honour of this month’s #BreadBakers theme … Read more

Easy homemade granola cereal recipe

Back in 2009, I went on a road trip from Alberta to Vancouver, driving through the stunning landscapes of the Canadian Rockies. We stopped in the friendly city of Nelson along the way, staying in the delightful Cloudside Inn. For breakfast, a bowl of deliciously crunchy and wholesome granola was served, the perfect start to our day exploring the Kootenay … Read more