Low glycemic index bread: barley flour bread recipe

Although barley is almost exclusively used in the brewing industry on account of its very low gluten content, barley flour is a really nice ingredient to introduce into bread baking. You’ll have even more reason for using barley if you are looking to keep the glycemic index (GI) of your home-baked bread as low as … Read more

Sugar Free Baking Recipes

Cutting down on sugar has become a big talking point of late. The health conscious look to decrease their sugar intake, whether it’s due to a dietary restriction or just a general health choice. Someone close to me was diagnosed to be at risk of diabetes after a recent health check-up, so cutting down on … Read more

Recipe for German Spätzle Pasta

Fancy some homemade pasta without the work and effort usually involved with homemade pasta? German Spätzle pasta – small, squiggly egg dumplings from the Southwest of Germany – are easy to prepare and can be ready in a matter of minutes. German Spätzle Pasta Recipe The flour Austrian flour type 480 (“griffiges Mehl”, flour type 405 … Read more

Danish seeded rye bread with malted flour

This month’s theme for the #TwelveLoaves bakers is Malt. I have previously used malt extract for dark wholemeal breads to add flavour and as a source of sugar for the yeast. However, with malt taking centre stage this month, I wanted to do more and decided to home-malt rye grains to make my own malted flour. … Read more

Bread Spices (Brotgewürz) – The taste of real Austrian rye breads

My bread baking journey with The Bread She Bakes is firmly rooted in the delicious flavours of Austrian rye breads I missed so much when I moved to the UK. A lot of dark breads in Austria, Germany (particularly in the South), Switzerland and South Tyrol are made with Brotgewürz (bread spices) which are both great for the taste … Read more

Wholemeal, Wholewheat, Wholegrain Flour… Confused?

Depending on the recipe you use, where you live and where you shop, flour can be named differently. In general, wholemeal, wholewheat and wholegrain flour all refer to unrefined flours i.e. flours which are made of the whole grain (including bran, germ and endosperm). Note that wholewheat refers to flour made from wheat, while the terms … Read more