Eezi-Slice Bread Slicer Board Review

Just before Christmas, I received a beautifully presented package from Eezi-Slice, a company centered around its founder’s invention; the Eezi-Slice bread slicer. I agreed to review the bread board so here are my thoughts after having used the board for a month. How does the Eezi-Slice bread board work? The Eezi-Slice bread board is unique in … Read more

Homemade Christmas bread gifts

If you are looking for thoughtful DIY Christmas gift ideas, baking homemade Christmas bread gifts could be a winning option. Giving bread as a gift has a long tradition, specifically for housewarmings, and giving bread as a Christmas present is an equally good idea. Christmas bread gifts are perfect for festive dinner parties and can be the ultimate a little … Read more

Austrian Foodie Gift Ideas

Whenever I visit my family in Austria and return to Scotland, I bring back some tasty Austrian goodies for friends and plenty of delicious treats for myself. If you are looking for foodie souvenirs to take back home with you from a trip to Austria, have a look through my list of essential Austrian food gifts. My favourite … Read more

Best bread cutting boards

Investing in a good-quality bread cutting board should be a no-brainer for home bread bakers. It’s one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in my kitchen, so a good quality board is essential. Having used this beautiful but entirely unpractical chopping board until recently, the breadcrumb mess it left behind finally got to me and I invested … Read more

Valentine Baking Gift Ideas 2021

Are you looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one? Is your loved one into baking? I have the perfect Valentine baking gift ideas for you! I love practical gifts, so here are my top picks for your baking-loving Valentine 🙂 And if you are thinking of baking something yourself, there are some excellent heart-shaped … Read more

Gift Ideas for Bread Lovers

Looking for the perfect present for a bread lover? I put together this collection of gifts for bread lovers to cater for the passionate breadie in your life. As a passionate bread baker and advocate I’m lucky to have received many bread related gifts over the past few years. Here are my gift ideas for bread lovers. … Read more

Gifts for Bread Bakers & Bread Making 2020

My passion for bread baking and all things #realbread have had the nice side effect of getting lovely bread related gifts for birthdays and for Christmas. Over the years, I’ve received many great gifts – some educational, some decorative, some unusual, unique and quirky. If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for the bread baker in your … Read more