Homemade Christmas bread gifts


If you are looking for thoughtful DIY Christmas gift ideas, baking homemade Christmas bread gifts could be a winning option.

Giving bread as a gift has a long tradition, specifically for housewarmings, and giving bread as a Christmas present is an equally good idea.

Christmas bread gifts are perfect for festive dinner parties and can be the ultimate a little something for neighbours and foodie friends. Merry baking!

Christmas Bread Gift Idea
Christmas Bread Gift Idea

How to guide: Christmas bread gifts

If you are considering to prepare a loaf of bread as a Christmas gift, think about these three elements:

  1. Give a decorative, celebratory and tasty loaf of bread
  2. Wrap it nicely as a gift
  3. Add something of longevity, for example a pretty loaf tin, as the bread gift itself will of course be devoured quickly 🙂

The festive loaf

A lot of Christmas breads are decorative and tasty by default, so there are plenty of recipes to choose from. For example this German Stollen recipe and this easy Christmas wreath recipe.

For this year’s Christmas gift breads I’m opting for a simple brioche recipe. Its inherent richness, the beautiful bake and glossy dome make for a luxurious Christmas bread loaf gift option.

The gift wrapping

How to wrap bread as a gift? If you wrap your homemade bread gifts, you ensure your breads are recognised as the gifts they are. Wrapping bread as a gift can be as basic or elaborate as you like, but I tend to opt for something practical.

Wrap in a colourful cotton kitchen towel which allows the bread to breathe and adds vibrancy to the presentation. As a serial bread gifter, I have also invested in a personalised stamp and label set. Use baker’s twine to hold it all together.

Personalised baking
Personalised baking

The baking dish

To provide a gift beyond the homemade bread, I like to add something practical into my homemade bread gifts. Place the bread into the decorative baking tin it was baked in. Baking tins and dishes fit well into any kitchen and there are plenty of options to choose from, for any budget.

In the case of the brioche gift, it’s a nice idea to give the brioche dish away as part of the gift, for future bakes. It acts as the perfect bread loaf gift box.

Savisto stand mixer review


Here it is! Still boxed up and waiting to be unwrapped – my first ever stand mixer, acquired to make my ever increasing bread and baking output easier to manage. As a determined manual dough kneader, I’m excited yet apprehensive about using a stand mixer to ease dough handling. Savisto was kind enough to donate one of its shiny red stand mixers to the cause. Read on for my Savisto stand mixer review.

Savisto stand mixer in red
The decorative Savisto stand mixer in red

Savisto stand mixer review

The beater

I decide to ease myself into the process with a cake recipe to test the beater attachment. The Savisto booklet contains easy to follow instructions so the equipment is quickly assembled. The attachments are less heavy than I thought they would be but that may be down to my preconceptions. I’m impressed the equipment includes a silicone scraper, which I find to be invaluable for baking. The suction heads at the bottom of the stand mixer make sure it holds its position and I use both the beater and silicone scraper to mix a batch of rhubarb brownies.

I’m delighted by how much time is freed up during the mixing process. I would have previously used a hand mixer to combine the various ingredients. Now, the Savisto stand mixer does the work for me and I have time to clear away the ingredients and tidy up after me while the work happens. The mixing works well; everything is mixed evenly and no unmixed ingredients stick to the bottom or sides of the bowl. The handle on the mixing bowl comes in super handy when pouring the ingredients into the baking tin.

The dough hook

The big question for me is testing the dough hook. I decide not to give it an easy ride and choose my flaxseed bread recipe with a fairly heavy wholemeal and rye flour dough to truly test the Savisto mixer. The mixer sounds like it finds the mixing hard work, but doesn’t stumble and gets the job done. I knead the dough on speed level 2 for five minutes. Proving is easy, I just leave the dough in the mixing bowl, covering it with a plate. My hands stay almost clean, although it’s hard to judge the dough consistency, so I end up stopping the mixer and touching the dough several times to check its texture.

Savisto stand mixer dough hook
Savisto stand mixer dough hook
Savisto stand mixer bowl with dough
Savisto stand mixer bowl with dough
Savisto dough hook bread dough
Savisto dough hook bread dough

The whisk

As expected, the mixer performs well when I whisk some egg whites for a pavlova.

My Savisto stand mixer review conclusion

The Savisto stand mixer is an affordable, well-designed and decorative stand mixer delivering all the benefits, work efficiencies and quality output you would hope for. With its 800 watt motor, it has enough power to manage heavy wholemeal and rye flour doughs. The 5.5 litre stainless steel bowl is big enough to handle any cake batter or dough quantities I’d be looking to bake at home and the handle on the bowl is a welcome bonus. Overall, the mixer is a useful product with a competitive price tag – I would not hesitate to recommend it to other home bakers.

Disclaimer: The Savisto stand mixer was received as a gift for product review purposes.