Best bread knife buying guide

A good bread knife is an essential part of any kitchen and a sensible investment for bakers in particular. It doesn’t have to be mega expensive; however, cheap bread knives can be a poor long term choice. Choosing the right bread knife can make a real difference. What makes a good bread knife Sharp – to … Read more

Lékué Bread Maker Review

I bought a very innovative piece of bread baking equipment last week – a Lékué bread maker from Houseology – and just completed my first test run with very impressive results. The Lékué bread maker‘s USP is that bakers can weigh, knead and bake in it. While weighing and kneading in the same bowl is by no means … Read more

Austrian Farmhouse Loaf Recipe (Bauernbrot)

If you would like to make a wonderfully wholesome and authentic loaf of Austrian bread, try this Austrian farmhouse loaf (Bauernbrot) recipe. Great with any winter vegetable soup or Goulash although I love it with any dish (even Thai curries!) Ingredients (for 2 small loaves) 300g 100% hydration rye sourdough (prepared the day before) 150g … Read more

Valentine Baking Gift Ideas 2021

Are you looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one? Is your loved one into baking? I have the perfect Valentine baking gift ideas for you! I love practical gifts, so here are my top picks for your baking-loving Valentine 🙂 And if you are thinking of baking something yourself, there are some excellent heart-shaped … Read more

Gifts for Bread Bakers & Bread Making 2020

My passion for bread baking and all things #realbread have had the nice side effect of getting lovely bread related gifts for birthdays and for Christmas. Over the years, I’ve received many great gifts – some educational, some decorative, some unusual, unique and quirky. If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for the bread baker in your … Read more

Our old brick oven

This lovely (though derelict and unusable) old brick oven in Upper Austria used to decorate the gardens of our old farmhouse. It was demolished last year after a lifespan of over 100 years (it hadn’t been in use since the 1950s). You can still see the baking chamber made of fireproof brick. Once, this masonry oven … Read more