Frittatensuppe Recipe – Austrian Pancake Soup

Frittatensuppe is one of the many culinary delights I enjoy when I’m back in Austria. It’s a simple soup combining sliced pancakes called Palatschinken and beef consommé. When my mum makes Palatschinken at home, they are served two ways. As a sweet version rolled up with apricot jam in the middle and as Austrian pancake soup, sliced in clear broth. If you’re … Read more

Austrian Goulash Soup Recipe (Gulaschsuppe)

This is my mum’s Austrian Goulash soup recipe, a hearty stew made with paprika spice, beef, waxy potatoes and Wiener (same as Frankfurter) sausages. Austrian Gulaschsuppe is a typical autumn and winter dish, delicious when it’s cold outside – although it works well year-round in Scotland…! Austrian Goulash Soup Recipe This Austrian Goulash soup recipe serves … Read more

Austrian Potato Soup with Sour Cream

This is simply the best potato soup ever. It’s made entirely without the help of ready-made stock. Instead, lots of fresh vegetables, herbs and spices are used to give it its wonderfully wholesome taste! My Mum’s Austrian Potato Soup (makes 8 large portions) Ingredients 750g potatoes, peeled 1/4 celeriac 1 celery stick with some of … Read more