Bakeries in Edinburgh – Best For Bread

Looking for bakeries in Edinburgh? As an Edinburgh resident since 2007, I’m happy to report that the bakery scene has come on heaps and bounds over the last few years. There are lots of excellent bakeries here now and you can pick from a great range of baked goods and breads.

The best bakeries in Edinburgh

Here are my top picks of the best bakeries in Edinburgh – with a specific focus on suppliers of #realbread and sourdough – as chosen by The Bread She Bakes.

Breadshare – Community Bakery in Portobello & Leith

With their slogan ‘Real Bread For Everyone’, Breadshare is a social enterprise bakery with the noteworthy mission to bring affordable all-organic slow fermentation bread to the people of Edinburgh. Visit the Portobello bakery to see the place where all the real bread baking action is happening or pick up a loaf in their Leith branch. It’s the spirit behind the operation as well as the tasty breads that make Breadshare my top choice for the best bakeries in Edinburgh.

“Our social objectives are to promote the health benefits of real bread and make it accessible to everyone in the community; involve the community in everything we do; help other communities to establish community supported bakeries; be ecologically sustainable; actively support local organic food supply chains”

Favourite Breads: Organic Seven Seeds, Organic Borodinsky Rye, Organic Rustic Rye


Bakery Andante – Artisan Bakery in Morningside

A perfect range of artisan breads, baked lovingly in line with #realbread principles by marketer turned baker Jon Wood.

“Andante is a musical expression meaning ‘at a slower tempo’, which perfectly describes how we think bread should be made. “

Favourite Breads: 50% Rye Sourdough, Covenanter’s Loaf


Falko Konditormeister – German Bakery in Edinburgh

One of the longest standing bakeries in town, Falko’s Bruntsfield store lures bread and cake lovers alike. Offering excellent German heavyweight breads and perfection in cake baking, Falko continues to be one of the very best bakeries in Edinburgh. Step into the shop’s wood-panelled, high-ceilinged coffee house setting and indulge in Falko’s delectable bakes. Check out their bread baking schedule so you are first in line for the tasty loaves of bread, prepared with their sourdough starter Heinrich.
“We do things the old-fashioned way; hand-shaping each loaf, allowing the dough to prove slowly in baskets before turning it out onto a wooden peel and gently placing in our stone-laid oven.”
Favourite Breads: Jägerkruste (Hunters’ Crusty Bread), König Ludwig Dinkel-Roggen-Malz Brot (Spelt-Rye-Malt Bread), Hausbrot (House Bread)

Söderberg – Swedish Bakery in Edinburgh

A brilliant example of how a bakery can expand without losing its local and artisanal charme. Söderberg bakeries (the guys also behind the delicious Peter’s Yard rye sourdough crispbreads) can now be found in six locations across Edinburgh.

“Söderberg is an artisan Swedish bakery based in Edinburgh. Established by a quiet Swede who believes in making honest, well-crafted goods that are as individual as the people who create and enjoy them. Behind every loaf there is a pair of hands, kneading dough before dawn.”

Favourite Breads: Swedish Rye, Sourdough Pizza


Bakeries in Edinburgh: Söderberg on Broughton Street
Bakeries in Edinburgh: Söderberg on Broughton Street

Wee Boulangerie – French Bakery in Edinburgh

A charming neighbourhood bakery, offering great bread options including the best baguettes in town.

“We are a wee artisan bakery, born out of our love of real, good bread. We make bread slowly, using long fermentations and traditional techniques, to develop naturally the taste and qualities of our breads.”

Favourite Breads: Baguettes, French White, Rye Bread


All Night Bakery in Edinburgh?

Fancy a late night bakery snack? I’m afraid there are limited #realbread options for you but there is an all night bakery in Edinburgh! Head to Pieman’s Bakery on Morrison Street for a selection of pies, pastries and hot filled rolls 🙂