Powidl Recipe (Austrian Plum Preserve)

Quite a few Austrian sweet dishes and puddings are filled with a jam-like plum spread called Powidl and I thought it would be useful to devote a quick feature to this delicious preserve. You’ll find Powidl in my recipes for Germknödel and Mohnstrudel but it’s also used to fill Pofesen, Buchteln and Powidl-Tascherl. A delicious … Read more

Easy crème fraîche BBQ dip recipe

Living in Scotland means that I’ve had to wait until mid-July for my first BBQ of the year. When it arrived, the allotment was in full bloom and potatoes, berries and herbs were ready to be harvested. On the BBQ menu: chicken-filled cemita rolls, a potato salad with spring onions, a rhubarb and blackcurrant crumble with … Read more

Erdäpfelkas recipe (potato spread)

I wanted to share this recipe for one of my all time favourite bread spreads. This isn’t a cutting edge recipe riding on the latest food trend; it’s a delicious Austrian and Bavarian staple which deserves a mention as one of the best bread spread out there. My Erdäpfelkas recipe is based on mashed floury potatoes, finely chopped onion and sour cream. This Innviertler Erdäpfelkas’ … Read more