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Sesame Semolina Sourdough Bread Recipe

Bake this delicious sesame semolina bread as a perfect side for spring and summer salads.




    • 100 g sourdough starter
    • 50 g wholemeal flour
    • 50 g rye flour
    • 100 g water

    Main Dough

    • 700 g semolina flour
    • 150 g wholemeal flour
    • 150 g rye flour
    • 100 g sesame seeds
    • 20 g salt
    • 750 g water


    • On day 1, refresh your sourdough starter by combining 50g wholemeal flour, 50g wholegrain rye flour and 100g water with your sourdough starter.
    • On day 2, lightly toast the sesame seeds, then combine 200g of the refreshed sourdough starter from day 1 with the main dough ingredients in a large bowl.
    • Combine well to form a dough and knead for 10 minutes on a clean work surface.
    • Place the dough back into the bowl to rest for 1 hour at room temperature.
    • Give the dough another thorough knead, then shape and place into a large, lightly oiled loaf tin.
    • Leave to rest and rise until fully proven.
    • Preheat the oven to 220°C in time for baking, then bake for 10 minutes at 220°C before turning down the temperature to 180°C for another 50 minutes.
    • Cool on a wire rack.